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A garden room or office can maximise your outdoor space, sufficiently insulated and suitable for all year round use.

Garden rooms are fast-growing recent home-improvement trend, but have a diverse functionality including garden offices, garden lodges, garden escapes, guest suite, home cinema, games room, garden gym, leisure garden room, music suite, art studio, education suites, school rooms, commercial buildings and commercial premises.

Orchard Roofing and Building plan, design and install garden rooms throughout North East England. They are quick to install, can be completed in a few weeks and cause little inconvenience and disruption.

The present day homeowner identifies the garden room concept as an optimum method of home improvement in a housing market where house values deter moving home. Avoid the stress and cost of moving home or messy home improvement construction work inside your home by easily and quickly adding living space outside.

Garden rooms create that space to relax in whilst enjoying the beauty of your garden and its surrounds. But as a home garden office you can create a wonderfully stress-free home working environment that has a professional appeal. Alternatively a home gym can reduce costly gym fees and travelling time, whilst a home music studio or art studio can offer a perfect stimulating creative environment.

Garden rooms are habitable all year round as they integrate insulation for heat and noise and can be fitted with essential services, whether it be electricity, heating, running water, telephone and internet connections. You can even choose to integrate other facilities as required such as a WC, shower room or kitchenette.

The design possibilities are virtually endless. They can be designed and constructed especially for you and to harmonise with tour home and garden and to match your own unique lifestyle requirement. Designs vary from traditional to modern contemporary, can have pitched roofs, flat roofs, planted roof or PV solar panels, can be constructed in either traditional, sustainable, natural timber or in the latest composite components… and you have the apron of adding surround decking, a covered veranda or a decorative balustrade.

Garden rooms have the advantages of maybe avoiding some planning restrictions, but certainly adding value to your property. All our garden rooms installations are undertaken by our own experienced teams of qualified tradesmen. In addition, these luxury home improvement features offering versatile living space come with a warranty and guarantee.

If you're unsure of what work might need completing on your property, feel free to get in touch and we can advise.

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